​​​​​​​Arthur Holmes Geological Society

The society for Earth Scientists at Durham University


outreach ambassador: tara love

Subject: Bsc Geoscience

Year: 3

Role: I am the Outreach Officer, working in collaboration with the Arthur Holmes Geological Society; Geology for Global Development and the North Eastern Geological Society, with the aim to encourage interest in geoscience, through lecture series, events and public participation.

Contact: ​

first and second year rep: Frances hagen​

Subject: Bsc Geoscience

Year: ​1

Role: My job is to provide a successful route of communication between the AHGS and the 1st and 2nd year students. I'll voice your opinions (get in touch!) and provide feedback on all the goings-on of the society.


Fourth year rep: fiona rea

Subject: Msci Geosciences

Year: 4

Role: I represent the 4th years on this course. I relay the views, needs and suggestions of the year to the department to ensure the students have their say


Treasurer: Josh scott

Subject: MSci Earth Sciences

Year: 3

Role: My role is to safeguard the society's finances and forecast the cost of our events, so that our members get the most out of their society.

Contact: ​

Publicity officer: Ally sweeney 

Subject: MSci Earth Sciences

Year: ​3

Role: I advertise the society and its events, such as guest lecturers, career days, socials and seminars. I also keep the AHGS Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and website updated. As well as administrating the AHGS Community Exchange Facebook page.

Contact: ​

Social secretary & third year rep: claire hudson

Subject: BSc Geology

Year: 3

Role: Social Sec - Organise social events, including the much-anticipated annual Geology Ball. Role also incorporates being Field Trip Officer.

3rd Year Rep - Keep everyone up to date with activities of the AHGS and any up-coming events, and communicate the opinions of the year group to the rest of the exec.



Subject: MSci Earth Sciences

Year: ​3

Role: My role is to help organise the society and ensure that things runs smoothy. This will include maintaining the member’s list and ensuring that everyone knows what is going on within the society, as well as working to help other members of the exec with their roles.


Find out who is representing you this year, and who you can get in touch with if you have any questions.


Subject: MSci Earth Sciences

Year: 3

Role: As President, my role involves overseeing the development and progress of the society as well as ensuring all executive members fulfil their duties. I suggest events and invite speakers to visit the society to provide great events for our members. I also aim to be approachable to allow any members to suggest changes they'd like to see in the society, so anyone can feel free to email me!